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Crown Braid Step By Step Hair Tutorial (Easy)


Crown braids are always pleasing to the eye and if you thought you cannot do it on your own, then this video will prove you wrong. This video is the easiest hair tutorial on crown braid you probably would have seen in decades over. And needless to say, the crown ...

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6 Makeup Colors For Blue-Green Eyes Perfectly


Choosing the best eye shadow shades for your beautiful eye may be a daunting task, especially if you have blue-green eyes. But the good news is: this not-so-common eye color is a striking hue, and the right shade of eye shadow can make it even more captivating. From blue to ...

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How To Do Orange Eye Makeup Perfectly?


Do you want to be the show stealer of the party? Nothing can be more breathtaking and eye-catching than orange eye makeup. So, add on to the fun or holiday mood by including orange eye makeup into your beauty regime! Combine your favorite hues with orange and create your own ...

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How To Apply Blue Eye Shadow Perfectly Well


Wearing bright eye shadows like pink, corals and reds may not suit us all the time. Choosing the right eye makeup and wearing something soft will definitely offer you a captivating look. Here we bring you an elegant blue eye makeup that enhances the depth of your eyes. Give your ...

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3 Makeup Tips For Big Eyes


When it comes to doing our eye makeup we all have the same goal: to enhance our eyes. And if we have big eyes, we are looking for ways to make it look brighter, bigger, and more awake. But, how do you figure out which look will work for your ...

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Christmas Tree Pull-Through Braid


Step 1- Part hair from ear to ear Step 2 – Combine all that hair into a half pony at the crown & secure with a clear elastic Step 3- Gather remaining hair and secure in a low ponytail at the nape of the neck Step 4 – Divide the ...

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Christmas makeup is always sparkly and mesmerizing, and you can opt for a look that is either delightfully dramatic or slightly understated. Both of them are fabulous. The key is to make sure that you makeup fits your outfit and the party theme. Sometimes it’s enough to add one glittery ...

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Christmas Makeup: Sparkles, Smokey, and Berry


Christmas makeup: there are so many options that you have no idea which one to choose. Berry lips and smokey eyes with sparkling eyeshadow is perfect for those who opt for a seductive look. As for the lipstick, pick blackberry, boysenberry, or raspberry – any berry shade that suits your ...

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