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It’s Never Too Early For Halloween, And Here’s A Perfect Costume Idea

As pumpkin spice everything is slowly creeping in like a pale orange tide over the land, we know that summer has reached its end. And even if the thought of cold weather and snowy sidewalks is making you cringe, you at least have one thing to look forward to: Halloween! Everyone’s favorite! That means candy, spookiness, and most importantly of all, amazing costumes.

So here’s a little early inspiration for you all. This creeptastic costume might be a little labor-intensive for the average Halloweenie, but the video is totally worth watching. It might give you some ideas for this year’s look, if nothing else. Created by inventive YouTuberPinkstylist, this is a step-by-step makeup guide that’ll give you nightmares.

Hello, children. Would you like some candy?

Hello, children. Would you like some candy?

Here’s how it’s done:

YouTube / PinkStylist

Okay, so this very in-depth costume might not be realistic for the average Halloween party, but there are a few awesome tips in there about using face paint and liquid latex that any avid costume junkie will find useful. If you’re craving more epic makeup ideas, we also recommend checking out the rest of Pinkstylist’s tutorials on his channel.

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