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These Crazy Photos Had A One-In-A-Million Chance Of Happening — And They Did!


The best thing about photography is that it captures life’s most incredible moments and immortalizes them.

Motion becomes still, and the fleeting passage of time is stopped in its tracks for an instant. And sometimes, everything lines up so that the frozen moments turn into truly amazing, bizarre, and hilarious shots. These one-in-a-million images are worthy of our recognition.

Here are 50 of our favorites. Keep in mind that none of these incredible photographs were manipulated!

1. Hey, quit horsing around.

2. “This conversation is over, Gerald.”

3. Let’s just hope he was diving into the deep end.

4. Well, I guess that’s one way to psych out your opponent.

5. Meet the welcoming committee!

6. It probably took 304 tries, but it was worth it.

7. The moment when everything goes wrong.

8. The pool cover is off, but you wouldn’t even know it!

9. Terror is right below the surface.

10. This is what happens after a crazy storm produces a tornado, softball-sized hail, and flash flooding. You know, the kind of natural phenomena that ’80s Euro hair bands wrote about all the time.

11. That bartender is REALLY working it.

12. The face of concentration.

The face of concentration.


13. Ohhhhhh, so that’s where babies come from.

14. Bubbleception: a bubble of air inside a droplet of water in space.

15. And the moment we wait for every summer.

16. He’s a class act.

17. At squirrel weddings, they throw peanuts.

18. Little Jimmy never drank Coke or ate Mentos again.

19. “Relax, Andy. We’re going to be internet stars after this.”

20. Clearly Rolaids did not spell relief here.

21. What’s up with your arm, Mario?

22. The circle of life.

23. The calm before the teary-eyed storm.

24. I feel like this bird is tempting fate.

I feel like this bird is tempting fate.


Where Cool Things Happen

25. Not to burst your bubble, but…


27. “Darn it, Roger! I said on three! On THREE!”

28. This just makes me uncomfortable.

29. “Excuse me, sir. Do you have a moment to talk about our Lord and savior, Falco?”

30. I tip my hat to your tiny hat, sir.

31. I don’t think I’d be quite as happy about this.

32. How we should all react to cat butt.

33. And that’s how Jason broke his arm.

34. Smile for the camera!

35. Yarr, matey. This is my parrot.

36. Guess who was binge-watching “House of Cards” on Netflix.

37. Currently under construction. Nighttime will be experiencing some delays.

38. Hi there, nice to meet you!

39. Meet the world’s first dog-giraffe hybrid.

40. They’re just making the most of a rainy day.

41. And it’s an A for “airplane,” too.


43. Who knew baseballs were so gross?

44. Nature rolled in for the one-up!

45. Savvy seagulls plan meals ahead by following foodies on Instagram and predicting their moves.

46. Epic use of your time at the beach.

47. Tourist photo win.

48. Sports scholarships from Hogwarts boosted attendance, but the culture of the Quidditch team got decidedly more “bro.”

49. After unwittingly drinking a large amount of holy water, Bill found that his breakdance moves were greatly improved.

50. When an everyday activity looks more superhero-esque than usual.

Timing is everything, folks.

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