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Wedding Manicure Shades That You Need To Try


Let’s face it! The perpetual wedding season will hover around our head all year long, some of which would be mandatory for you to attend. Whether you are the bride herself or the new official bridesmaid for all the bride-to-be friends, this video will help you in nailing one aspect of your look. In all the hustle bustle of the wedding, we tend to neglect our nails. This video shows us four different shades that you can opt for.

Most of you probably must have played it safe with sheer pink or clear top coat. But bend the rules this time a little. Add a pop of color or a dash of glitter. Whatever you choose, don’t go down the traditional road!

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Theme #1

For a rustic outdoor wedding, the best wedding manicure would be to opt for neutral shades which would not compete with the colors of the nature. Having neutral shades would ensure that the attention does not move away from your wedding ring or bridal bouquet.

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Theme #2

Beach weddings are super fun and have a laid back feel to it. So there is no harm in trying to be a little bit more colorful with you wedding nail ideas. Keeping the beachy environment in mind, you could opt for tropical colors like a pop of peach.

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Theme #3

Penthouse parties are all about chicness and elegance. Give your bridal manicure a touch of chicness by painting some gorgeous shimmer nail polish. It can make your basic manicure look brighter and shinier and you will find your nails glittering throughout the evening.

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Theme #4

Wearing something in pastel shades like pale blue is a good bridal nail polish idea. Pastels can add just the right amount of color to your look.
With these top four wedding manicure shades in mind, don’t forget to seal your nail paints with a top coat. So which of these bridal nail polish are you willing to give a try?

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